Miami Marine Stadium


Shot on iPhone

Built in 1963, the Miami Marine Stadium took advantage of a beautiful view of downtown Miami and a passing speedboat trend, but now the world’s first boat racing stadium is an abandoned maze of vandalized cement.

Atlas Obscura

A unique concrete structure sitting on the coast at the end of a large parking lot on the Rickenbacker Causeway just outside of mainland Miami. There was a security guard walking the interior of the stadium whenever we came to see it so we couldn’t get inside. It was still worth it see a part of urbex history, and there is a great view of downtown Miami from the property.

The Miami Skyline (July 2019, Polaroid SX-70 COLOR)

Polaroids I managed to incorrectly expose. In my defense a cloudy day in Miami is still very bright.

Miami Marine Stadium (July 2019, Polaroid SX-70 COLOR)

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