Carraway Methodist Medical Center


The hospital got in financial difficulties in the beginning of the 2000s. According to The Birmingham News, two factors were responsible for the institution’s financial demise: the decay of the Norwood neighborhood and “decades of decisions favoring patient care over profits.”

Carraway Methodist Medical Center – Wikipedia

The massive abandoned Carraway Methodist Medical Center complex sits just North of Downtown Birmingham on Carraway Boulevard. When ownership switched over to the Lovelady center they failed to secure it and as a result it has been vandalized beyond repair. As Downtown redevelopment creeps north, all of the buildings on the hospital property have been slated for demolition by Corporate Realty as part of the Urban Renewal and Redevelopment plan for the Druid Hills Neighborhood.

“It was sad to watch how the property went down. There was no way to really lock down the facility and all our effort had to be on the ministry.”

Lovelady Board Chairman and Chief Operating Officer John McNeil
Carraway hospital site redevelopment slated to begin in Spring 2020 (

“It’s sad because several buildings that we felt like we wanted to try to salvage and reuse in a way. It’s better to just demolish the buildings and start over,” Wolfe said.

We originally visited the hospital the night before any of these pictures were taken although we were interrupted by multiple police officers circling the property and driving through the hospital parking deck. They seemed to have a routine dialog for students that came to this part of town to explore the hospital, and they basically told us they can’t stop us from walking around the block but would have to do something if we went inside. We came back the next morning and had no problems.

Photo from that evening, it was much more intimidating at night.

Abandoned Southeast made a post about this property earlier in 2018 when it was still in much better condition. By the time we visited Carraway the majority of the patient rooms, offices and hallways were vandalized beyond recognition.

Shot on iPhone

Polaroid taken inside a hospital hallway at night (SX-70 COLOR)

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