Styx River Water World

LOXLEY, ALA MAY 27, 2017

Ticket booth and entrance.

The abandoned water park on Water World Rd in Loxley, Styx River Water World was opened from 1977 until 1993. It’s located off of the Interstate 10 exit in Loxley near Shelton Fireworks, the Oasis Travel Stop and Wilcox Video.

The property was made famous locally and on the internet for the large fiberglass statues that remained visible. As of recent years the statues have either been relocated to different locations nearbyor inevitably composed the rubble piles we saw when we visited. Dean Jeffrey managed to get some of the better photos published in 2002 when he visited, featured here in a summary post of the property’s status history.

Dean Jeffrey 2002. The park was still in great condition compared to the remains we saw.

The parking lot at Styx River Water World is basically asphalt and sits on a slant next to the roadway, just west of a mobile home park. The ticket booth is in surprising good condition. Once we were inside we saw a lot of small wooden crosses littered across the former park area. You can see where the pool was dug out of the ground although the majority of the structures have been demolished other than the frame of the concession tables building featured in many urban explorers posts of their visits to the site. To our great displeasure we were greeted by a water moccasin while walking around this area (large black venomous snake common in this part of Alabama in areas like this next to a creek or river).

Styx River Water World

We walked around the perimeter of the small lake and found a few different deteriorated ride cars and an old shed with large sprawling piles of rubble next to it where I made out at least one piece of a former statue. Once we came back around to the center we noticed a building of some sort on the west side of the property near the mobile home park. We began to walk towards this building although we quickly retreated when we saw a man on a golf cart ride past near where we were headed. We exited the way we came as this was posted no trespassing and this wouldn’t be a surprising rural area to be shot for doing so. I expected to have more time inside so unfortunately I only stopped to take any photos while we were outside and the experience has kept me from going back. Would have been awesome to see it a few years ago as it should now be considered more than partially demolished although it’s still a rarity in an area like this.

Shot on iPhone by Luke Schlauder

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  1. This water park was open well after 1993 as I went here many times I think around 9798 and I moved to Alabama in 1996 and they had a music festival in what I believe was around 2001 pretty cool place too bad it has ran down.

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    • Very interesting I wish there was more information regarding the music festival. There is still a good shooting range on Waterworld Rd as well as a campground right next to the abandoned park property.


      • It was more so a rave multiple areas set up with many diffestyles of electronic music awes all night event til the sun rises;)

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  2. My grandparents lived in Milton Florida and I lived in McComb Mississippi I used to stay with them during the summer when school was out. Around 1985-86 they took my brother, father, aunt, cousins and myself there for my birthday in July and was and still is a favorite memory of my childhood. I came back home to Mississippi and told all my friends about this amazing place I had been to. I remember a building that had many animatronic animals singing songs and I remember one of the songs was Willie Nelson’s on the road again and they had changed lyrics up slightly to be humorous. I think we went there another time I don’t remember if it was before or after my birthday trip. I’ve been back and forth to Milton Florida many times and I always look for any sign of the place passing through the area to Florida and still remember even though the trips are much less frequent with both my grandparents long gone. I decided to Google the place today looking for a postcard or something from the place to put in my photo album and I came across your adventure. I really appreciate you guys putting this up. Sad to see it gone but happy just to see it again at all.


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