The Bells Stables at Brenton Point


I went to Newport, Rhode Island for the first time last summer and was surprised to learn about this abandoned mansion in Brenton Point State Park. I visited to take some updated photos of the remaining stable/carriage house structures.

ONCE ONE OF NEWPORT’S GRANDEST estates, The Bells moulders in disrepair at Brenton Point State Park on The Ocean Drive in Newport, Rhode Island. Originally known as “The Reefs,” the grand estate, the remains of which can still be found in Brenton Point State Park, was built in 1876. It was the dream house of lawyer Theodore M. Davis who eventually filled the space with the artifacts and treasures he had collected on his travels around the world, with a notably impressive selection of Egyptian artifacts. After Davis Passed away, the property was purchased by the Budong family, who held the mansion until it was seized during World War II so that a defense battery could be built on the land. – The Bells Newport, Rhode Island

The government gave the property back after the war, but the Budongs simply left the estate to rot. In 1960 most of the house was destroyed by fire, and the wrecked mansion was eventually torn down just a couple of years later. Today the only remains of the once great estate are the crumbling stone ruins of the stables and carriage house. While they are found on public park land, they have been surrounded by a chain link fence and are regularly patrolled by security forces. Despite this, urban explorers and graffiti artists have made their marks all over the interior of the old estate. The property was likely always a bit haunting, but only now is it a ruin. – The Bells Newport, Rhode Island

Shot on iPhone by Luke Schlauder.

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