Port of the Islands Hotel Polaroids

NAPLES, FLA NOV 25, 2019

The first post on this site was on my visit to the abandoned Port of the Islands Hotel in Naples, Florida. These are SX-70 Polaroids I took while I was there. The hotel is part of the infamous Florida wetlands real estate scandal. The developers sold worthless land to unknowing buyers in the 1960s and caused environmental damages to the region with the an extensive canal system. Click here to view the expanded which includes more info and 48 more photos.

I tried to get a photo from within the hotel of the entrance with the light shining through the entrance, but I didn’t have any flashcubes and the result was this.

The following two photos are from the Port of the Islands Everglades Adventure Resort, an identical hotel across the street built by the same developers, which is still in operation.

Shot on Polaroid SX-70 Button Land Camera by Luke Schlauder

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