Century Plaza Mall


I originally visited this property in November 2017 before it had been bought to be redeveloped as a storage facility. The mall itself was inaccessible, although Abandoned Southeast got access in early 2018. The sprawling parking lot behind the mall has an elevated portion accessible by a ramp and an elevator with a sky-way bridge.

In December 2017, the mall was sold for $3 million to Lumpkin Development. Lumpkin said that the Sears store would be converted into a self-storage facility, and that the rest of the mall was available for rent.

Century Plaza – Wikipedia

This property made headlines this summer in Central Alabama when hundreds of Mercedes Benz GLE vehicles were brought to the mall parking lot. A portion of the Birmingham Race Course and Fairgrounds parking lot is also being used to store these.

Southern Automotive Alliance

Once these were brought in the property is fenced off to outsiders until further notice. This is easily the largest dead mall in Alabama.

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