Film Set Ghost Town of Spectre


The most picturesque ghost town in Alabama is actually the partial remains of a set built in 2003 for the Tim Burton film Big Fish. The state of Alabama has a film office and a fairly sizable tax incentive for filmmakers. The set was actually built on Jackson Lake Island, which was bought by locals who use it as an RV camp and event space. Visitors pay $3 per person to enter and make a phone call for the gate code (campsites $10 a night).

The two small, odd, spotted trees that perfectly frame the town are actually a set piece built for the film out of some sort of foam and fiberglass material, structured by metal pipes. Pipes are jutting out in different directions where branches once existed as the trees continue to deteriorate.

The goats were very friendly, keeping the grass cut. There were some kids messing with a few of them in the town while I was taking photos and the goats didn’t really seem to care. There are dozens of goats on the island.

Ghost town or goat town? The abandoned lot above where nine goats can be seen tending the grass used to also have buildings on it that were unfortunately lost in a fire.

The church sits very ominously at the end of Old Spectre Road. This place feels like there should be more movies filmed here. I would love to see the town of Spectre revitalized and used again.

Shot on Canon EOS M100, 15-50mm

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