Ghost Town: Cahaba

CAHABA, ALA DEC 30, 2019

Cahaba was the first state capital of Alabama. Originally built in 1818, the history has been very well documented compared to the other ghost towns in the state. The original grid of streets that make up the site of “Old Cahawba” are preserved for visitors to drive around and see the remains of the town. Montgomery was made the state capital in 1846. Cahaba was the county seat of Dallas County until the end of the civil war. The town grew to a population of 2000 before dropping to approximately 700 by 1870. Diseases and severe flooding dwindled the remaining population, and by 1903 Cahaba was practically abandoned. It is probably the most well preserved ghost town in the state. The home above was originally slave quarters, later renovated with columns to house the family when the mansion in front of it burned in 1935 (Kelly Kazek,

Capitol Avenue, 1st Street, 2nd Street, Oak Street and Vine Street all remain in the original positions, marked by white sign posts at each intersection. The ruins of the city of Cahaba are scattered throughout the grid.

I highly recommend visiting the remains of Cahaba to drive the streets and see the layout of Alabama’s first capital city. The history is very well preserved and the timeline of many structures are explained on signs throughout the town.

Shot on Canon EOS M100 15-50mm

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