(Fisheye) Fort McClellan Army Barracks


The former headquarters complex for Fort McClellan will soon go up for sale, more than a year after plans to develop the site into an independent living facility fell through.

“This is not a decision that the MDA board took lightly, and it was a last resort,” said Jason Odom, lawyer for the McClellan Development Authority, the agency responsible for finding civilian uses for the former Army base.

Tim Lockette Mar 10, 2021 for the Anniston Star

Not much has changed since the first time I visited Fort McClellan in January 2020 (click here to see that post with history on Fort McClellan and more photos). They boarded up the first floor of the four original barrack buildings although 2 of them have already been made easily accessible.

I also found a separate complex of abandoned barracks that I never saw the first time I visited. Photos of that complex, which I oddly can’t find any information about, are included at the bottom of this post.

Stanley Barracks – 1936/37 (south wing)

The Stanley Barracks is the largest and newest of the 3-story stucco Spanish Colonial style barracks on the property.

Stanley Barracks (north wing)

Fredericks Barracks – 1930

Built to house 97 men.

Wickoff Barracks – 1930

Built to house 291 men.

Egbert Barracks – 1930

Built to house 97 men.

The “3252” Barracks on Coxwell Ave

These are the mystery barracks I mentioned earlier. I can’t find any information about these online which is always odd. If anyone knows anything or can find any info about when these were in use, please message me or comment on this post. Until I publish this, there is seemingly no existence of these buildings on the internet other than this listing that puts one building at “33 Bass Lane” but there is no actual info about the property.

Shot on Canon EOS M100 with MK 6.5mm F/2 190 degree wide angle lens by Luke Schlauder

By looking at satellite images from 1998 and 2004 there were clearly dozens more buildings like these ones that have since been demolished.

1998 – Cars can be seen in the parking lot of the buildings that are still standing today, top right.
2019 – Does anyone know why the 3 buildings at 3252 Coxwell Ave were spared?

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