Byrnes Lake


Byrnes Lake near Stockton Alabama in Baldwin County was the primary filming location and set of Camp Crystal Lake for Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood, filmed in 1987. Stockton Fire Department’s actual fire truck was used for several shots in the film.

Shot on iPhone by Luke Schlauder ‘s page on the film provides an interesting story from a local.

Bong Tokin’ Chuckles met up with 78 year-old Leslie Buzbee, who was the ‘Gator Man’ for the film. He said he had been hired to keep the gators off the actors, but the producers wasted so much money because he could have done it a lot cheaper. They paid him to be the gator wrangler, but aligators are not active in the winter when they were filming (October and November, 1987). So basically they paid him to do nothing but watch the lake.
Photo from Byrnes Lake Website

“Friday the 13th, Part VII” was the seventh known movie filmed in the Mobile area following, most famously, 1977’s “Close Encounters of The Third Kind,” which was also filmed in Baldwin County.

John Sharp

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